Sunday, January 4, 2009

Doom and Gloom for a Sunday Morning

Well we did it. We landed our ground troops in the Gaza strip. As if we were the US army landing on the beaches in Normandie. Everyone I know seems glad, even relieved that we're finally showing them, but my question is showing them what?What in the world does anyone expect except a giant bloodbath, with the blood of our poor soldiers running in like water in the casbah's of Khan Yunis and Raffiach.

Won't we ever learn? We just can't win a war on their turf. And what if they start a third intifada and open a second front, as Hassan Nasrallah, may his name be blotted out is threatening to do. Do we all become refugees? The people from the North fleeing South and those from the South fleeing North all of us crashing into one another? I shudder to think. We are still in Golus. We have to act like Golus Jews which means, tread carefully, don't incite the nations. Yes read that again. We are still in Golus. The Golus hasn't ended despite all the Zionist rhetoric. We need to remind ourselves of the old rules, the way that we survived for 2000 years in the diaspora.

We aren't cut out for the offensive role. We never have been. Every time we've tried this kind of a think (pretending to be a superpower going into their turf to restore order) we have failed miserably. Need I bring up memories of the Lebanon Wars one and two or going further back, the Sinai Campaign.

Yes, I know that Cast Lead is ultimately defensive and that we are right. I'm not justifying their rocket attacks but sometimes it is wiser to be smart than to be right. I fear that this foolhardly campaign will loose more Jewish lives than all the Kassams and Grad and Katyusha attacks put together and jeopardize our very existence as a sovereign state.

If we want to survive we really need is a spiritual initiative, massive teshuva, no more chilul shabbos, no more pork stores, no more immodesty in all of its derivations so that we can bring down massive Siyata Deshamaya, heavenly assistance, our only true secret weapon (not the nukes in Dimona in case you were wondering)

G-d expects something from us if we want to continue to stay in this land and He isn't keeping it a secret. Just open up the second paragraph of the Shema and it says it all. Unless we go that route, I'm afraid that this third independent commonwealth will go the way of its predecessors.

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  1. You're wrong - Galut is over, the meek shtetl Jew is dead. History moved on a long time ago. Sovereignty and a new-found awareness of HKBH is sweeping Israel. We in Eretz Yisrael don't relish this operation, but it must be done. With your particular retrograde mindset, however, the Galut might very well return one day, with a vengeance.

    -Yitzchak in Kfar Saba